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5 Ways to Avoid Probate in Florida

People sometimes confuse avoiding probate with avoiding intestacy.  If you don’t leave a Will, you die in a state that is called “intestacy.”  This means that your statutory heirs will inherit your estate.   However, even if you have a Will,...

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Revocable Trusts Avoid Probate

Revocable Trusts Avoid Probate – BUT SOMETIMES YOU SHOULD PROBATE THEM ANYWAY I know, it sounds like lunacy. Your loved one created a Revocable Trust for the purpose of avoiding the cost and red-tape of probate. But there are some instances when...

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What You Need to Know about “Probate”

I was amazed today when some I know who has been working in an attorney’s office asked me, “If I have a Will, then my estate doesn’t have to be probated, right?” I guess because I work in this area, I am surprised by how much misinformation...

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