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What is the difference between a Will and a Trust?



A Will is a document that distributes your assets after your death.  So is a Trust.  So how are they different?  Because you still own your property when you pass with a Will, the Probate Court has to get involved so your assets can be sold and/or distributed.  With a Trust, you put your assets into the Trust NOW.  When you pass, nothing has to be probated because the TRUST still owns the assets.  Now the Trustee just distributes them as you have designated.  In other words, your heirs avoid thousands of dollars in probate attorney’s fees, and the lengthy and confusing process of court-supervised probate!

You Need Legal Help To Establish A Trust


Still confused on whether you need a Will or a Trust to accomplish your wishes after your passing?  If you answer any of the following questions with a yes, you need to talk with an Estate Planning Attorney about setting up a Trust:

  • Do you have a pet that will need care after you are gone?
  • Do you own real estate in more than one state?
  • Do you and your spouse have children from previous marriages/relationships?
  • Do you want everything to go as smoothly as possible after you pass away?

If you have answered yes, please call me.   I can tell you why you might want to consider making a Trust.  Come in and sit and talk with me – NO CHARGE!   If you decide to do a Will anyway, great!   If you decide not to do anything!   Still great!   I will love meeting you and giving you the information you need to make good decisions about your future


Contact Anne E. Moore to work with an estate planning and trust lawyer in Englewood, FL serving Rotonda West, Port Charlotte, Venice, and Punta Gorda. Schedule your free consultation today. I will explain all of the pros and cons of both Wills and Trusts and go over with you your unique situation to help you decide what you need. I can help you establish a trust that will include all of your assets and beneficiaries. Call now to schedule an appointment.


A Word About Pet Trusts

Your fur baby is your baby, right?  Well, not according to the law!  Your beloved is just a piece of property to be disposed of like your couch or clothes.  And the Goodwill for dogs and cats (the Shelter) is not a place you want your beloved babies to end up.  So how do you make them your babies?  You appoint a guardian for them and leave money for their care!  Call me about a Pet Trust and you can rest easy knowing your furry friends will be well cared for.

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