You Need Legal Help to Establish a Trust

You Need Legal Help to Establish a Trust

Meet with a trust lawyer in Englewood, FL and surrounding areas today

Are you confused on whether you need a Will or a trust to accomplish your wishes after your passing? Contact Anne E. Moore, to work with an estate planning and trust lawyer in Englewood, FL for a free initial consultation. I will explain all of the pros and cons of both Wills and Trusts and go over with you your unique situation to help you decide what you need. I help you establish a trust that will include all of your assets and beneficiaries. Call now to schedule an appointment.

Know the difference between a will and a trust

Estate planning can be complicated. It’s essential to know the difference between a will and a trust. Here are a few questions to ask that’ll help you decide whether a will or trust is best for you:

  • What types of assets do you have and where are they?Both Wills and trusts help distribute assets that are in your name. If you have assets in more than one state, a trust may help you distribute those assets better than a will. People with more complicated assets usually need to establish a trust.
  • Do you want your loved ones to avoid probate? Wills require probate but trusts don’t. Establishing a trust will help your family avoid probate court.
  • When do you want it to go into effect?Wills go into effect after your passing, but living trusts take effect as soon as they’re established. Do you and your spouse have a blended family? A joint trust will help ensure that your assets will be secure for both your children and your spouse's children.

Rely on an experienced trust lawyer to help you draft your trust or living trust in. Call Anne E. Moore today to schedule your free initial consultation.