Establish Plans for Your Future

Establish Plans for Your Future

Count on an experienced estate planner in Englewood, FL and surrounding areas

You wouldn’t hire an estate planning lawyer who doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Get in touch with Anne E. Moore, when you want individualized legal services. I’ll walk you through the process, listen closely to your requests and help you make informed decisions about passing on your assets to your loved ones. Make an appointment today for estate planning services in Englewood, FL, and surrounding areas.

What does estate planning involve?

Estate planning gives you peace of mind about your future. When you call Anne E. Moore, I’ll help you make tough decisions about your finances, medical needs, and family. You’ll decide who’ll care for your children, grandchildren or pets in the event of your passing and who will care for you when you can no longer do so. I’ll guide you through every step of the estate planning process, including:

  • Drafting a will or starting a trust that reflects your wishes
  • Establishing powers of attorney and other advanced directives necessary for your care
  • Creating a plan for your children, grandchildren, and pets or simply to take care of you

You don’t want to leave your family with questions about how to distribute your assets. Schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced estate planner in today.

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