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Dealing With a Loved One's Estate?

Work with a qualified probate lawyer in Englewood, FL and surrounding areas such as Rotonda West, Port Charlotte, Venice, and Punta Gorda

What is Probate?

It is the Court Process by which a Will is proven valid and the estate of the decedent is administered and distributed.

When is Probate required?

Probate is necessary when any assets remain in the name of the deceased person.In order to transfer those assets to a beneficiary, Probate is necessary.

How long does Probate take?

Anywhere from 60 days (for very simple and small estates) up to a year or more.

How much does Probate cost?

Anywhere from a thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how small or large the estate and how complicated.

Dealing With a Loved One's Estate?



When a loved one passes away and you’re named the Personal Representative of their Will, it’s your job to settle their estate. This is a difficult time for everyone involved, but a seasoned Probate Lawyer can help you navigate the process. Attorney Anne E. Moore, is here to guide and assist you in that probate law process every step of the way in Charlotte, Sarasota, Lee, and Manatee Counties. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation.


Loved One Died Without a Will?

Dying without a Will is called dying "intestate". People mistakenly believe that all the money goes to the State in that case. This is not true! However, the State has a scheme for distributing those assets. If the person is married, all of the estate will go to the spouse, unless the deceased has children from another relationship. Then it will be divided between the outside children and the spouse. If the person is not married, the children will receive the assets. If there are no children, the parents will receive the assets. If there are no parents, the siblings will receive the assets. If some are half-siblings and others full-siblings, the half-siblings will receive only half of what the full siblings receive. This One-Size-Fits-All distribution scheme is why it is not a good idea to die without a Will. But if your loved one has, fear not! You can be appointed as Personal Representative and make sure your loved one's assets are distributed correctly.

You need someone you can trust during an emotional time.

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the Probate Process can be puzzling. Hire an experienced Probate Lawyer to make sure everything is in order. As a Probate Lawyer in Englewood, FL and surrounding areas, my goal is to explain everything, help you make decisions, help you administer the estate and help make this process as easy and stress-free as possible. I'll be there to help you:


·Identify and distribute assets

·Answer questions about wills and trusts

·Pay bills and settle debts


When you're going through a difficult time, you need a Probate Lawyer you can rely on.The first step to receiving the expertise you need is calling for a free initial consultation. Find out if our services are what you need. We will get your loved one's estate and assets settled and ease the burden of probate off your shoulders.

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