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What is a Will?

A Will is a document in which a person specifies how he or she wants his estate (assets) distributed and to whom after his or her death.

Need to Draft a Will?

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Drafting a Will makes things a little easier for your loved ones after you pass away. A Will can help your family avoid tough decisions and get your assets distributed how you want them distributed, not how the State would distribute them.

Can't I do a Will Online?

While it is possible to create a Will online, without a lawyer who has met you and talked with you, there may be all kinds of possibilities that you had no idea about when you created your One-Size-Fits-All Will online.  An Estate Planning Attorney is someone who helps you avoid unintended consequences.  For instance, you are a Florida resident.  You only have a few friends down here because you just moved here.  You have a sibling in another state, but you don’t get along.  You go online and create a Will.  You name your very best friend up North your Personal Representative (Executor), because you know he/she will do a great job and be fair to your family.  A Florida Estate Planning Attorney would have warned you that you cannot name someone from another state who is not related to you as Personal Representative.  Now your sibling is able to be your Personal Representative even though you would rather have had one of your Florida friends over your sibling.  Too late now!  This is just one of many pitfalls that you can fall into without a lawyer to guide you.

It's important that everything is covered in your Will

I can help you make a plan for what's most important to you.

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It’s important that everything is covered in your Will



When we draft your Will, we’ll take the following things into consideration:

  • Distribution of money between children, spouses and other loved ones
  • Guardianship of your children, grandchildren, and pets
  • The Personal Representative of your Will (who will make sure your wishes are carried out)
  • Real estate and property ownership

You may also want to draft a comprehensive Living Will and other Advanced Directives. These will help your loved ones honor your wishes for medical treatment and financial security in the event that you are unable to care for yourself. If you have a pet, a minor under your guardianship, or other specific responsibilities you'll want to consider adding a Trust to your estate plan as well. Whatever your needs, we will create an estate plan that fits your exact needs so that you and your loved ones won't have to worry when the time comes.

It all starts with a free initial consultation with me over the phone. I will answer any questions you have about the estate planning process and advise you on what you need to do before we meet for the first time concerning your Will. Together we will make sure you are on the right track to getting an estate plan and securing your assets in a way that fits you and your specific needs.

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